Saudi airlines to Muscat: Welcome to Oman

Starting its services in the year 1945, Saudi airlines is one of the oldest names in the airline sector. Very few people might have thought that the venture that started with one aircraft back then would turn to the world leader in its area of business some 50-55 years later on. Moreover, it is because of the constant efforts made by Saudi airlines along with few other companies, the airline industry has taken the shape and form, in which we see it today. As of today, Saudi airlines provide air travel facility to its passengers to around 90 destinations across the world, covering all the six continents.


The international airport in Jeddah is the main center of Saudi airlines. Moreover, the two international airports, DMM and RUH act as its two sub-bases. The fleet of Saudi airlines has the newest Boeing and Airbus aircrafts, which sums up to around 137. The figure is such that there are many airline companies who do not even have half of its fleet strength. One important fact, on which proper emphasis was laid from start itself, was providing air connectivity to its neighboring gulf nations. Hence, you can find lot many Saudi airlines flightsto Muscat, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi etc. It is due to such dedication in its home sector that Saudi airlines earned respect at the international level. Also Saudi airlines flights to Muscat can be easily done, from your home or office, completely on the web.

Muscat is the capital of Oman, one fellow gulf nation of Saudi Arabia. Muscat is a place of great importance for all those who follow Islam and has a history of being ruled by numerous Muslim kings. Saudi airlines flights to Muscat and all other airlines land at the Muscat international airport, the sole one in the city as well as the country. One thing that Muscat is famous is for its rough terrain around the roads, desert safari and its beaches. Actually, its beaches are truly beautiful. Other tourist places include Zawawi mosque, Muttrah Corniche, the Muscat fort, Al Alam Palace, Riyam Garden, Sultan Qaboos grand mosque etc are the places that attracts most number of tourists. Saudi airlines flights to Muscat would be the best you can choose, if you were to go to this city, because of its ample services at cheap rates.

Saudi airlines flights to Muscat provides you the most lavish, luxurious yet the most affordable and cost effective air travel to Muscat city. So what are you waiting for? Call your agent, get your Saudi airlines flights for Muscatdone, get on board and land on to the city of vast deserts, beautiful beaches, mosques and wonderful people to get the holidaying experience of your life.

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